So Whats it all about?

The NEFTA Classic is a major Field Target competition that attracts competitors from all round the UK and beyond including Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany Belgium and USA. The Classic has been running since 1991 to a tried and tested format. In 2022 this was the 31st year it has run. The NEFTA Classic is a two day event where competitors shoot a combination of 40 knockdown and 40 American silhouette targets each day. The latter is a demanding style of shooting that is relatively unusual in the UK outside the NEFTA region although in recent years other regions have adopted the silhouette series to run alongside their Winter League main events. The BFTA has also now included a silhouette league in the GP series.

Banks of five targets are shot from a standing position in sequence and against the clock. Each bank of five targets is shot twice. The targets consist of chickens set at twenty yards, pigs at thirty yards, turkeys at thirty six yards, and finally, rams at forty five yards. Extra spice is added to this discipline with the watching crowd as you shoot shoulder to shoulder with fellow competitors. Many excellent Field Target shooters struggle to adapt to what is quite a specialty event. Appropriately shaped badges are awarded for clearances of either all five targets in a bank or all ten in a round. Much more easily attainable is the "Classic Duck" awarded to the unfortunate competitor that manages to miss a complete bank of five targets. The Field Target section of the event is a forty target course set to most usual FT rules. The event will be ably hosted by the excellent Emley Moor Field Target Club.

NEFTA Classic Rules

Silhouette Rules

1. Target Ranges :-

  • Chickens 20 yards

  • Pigs 30 yards

  • Turkeys 36 yards

  • Rams 45 yards

2. All shots to be taken STANDING. There are no other positions allowed at all

3. Gloves, slings or other means of support (which are not part of the rifle or clothing) are NOT allowed. The butt of the gun to remain outside all clothing at all times. Standard underarm butt hooks are permitted. Bespoke target shooting jackets are not permitted metal supports in clothing not permitted.

4. Only shoot at the targets in your allocated lane.

5. All targets are shot LEFT to RIGHT.

6. Any targets shot out of order do not count. i.e. if no. 2 target is hit instead of no. 1 then you lose no. 1 as you missed it and you cannot shoot no. 2 as it is already down, so you must go on to target no. 3. If target no. 1 is hit instead of no. 2 then you just lose no. 2.

7. In the event of two or more targets falling from 1 shot - tell your marshal and then on completing the rest of the bank either shoot at designated targets if sufficient remain standing or your marshal will reset the bank so that you can complete your five shots.

8. At the start of each bank of five targets you wil get a fifteen second period in which to load your rifle. The Range Marshal calling 'LOAD' will signify this; you must not load your rifle before then.

9. When the Range Marshal calls 'COMMENCE FIRING' you have two and a half minutes in which to take your 5 shots. The end of this period is signified by the command 'CEASE FIRING'.

10. Between each bank you will get a one-minute rest period.

11. After shooting the bank in front of you twice you will then proceed to the next bank on your right.

Any disagreement should be referred to the Range Marshal whose decision is final in all cases.


Field Target Rules

The field target part of the competition is shot to standard BFTA rules with the exception there is no freestyle open class this is not adopted. If you are unable to kneel you may stand however if you are unable to stand you can opt to forfeit the targets.

Kneeling Lanes :- NEFTA will provide 1 Kurt Thune tapered kneeling roll and 1 rubber mat on the kneeling lane for every shooter to use. Alternatively if you prefer you can use your own kneeling roll as long as it’s a roll shape. The roll can be placed below the ankle to aid support, the rubber mat to keep the knee out of mud. If you prefer you can opt not to use the roll or mat or any combination. Seat bean bags cannot be used in any shape or form on kneeling positions

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