Covid Annex Rules

These rules are an annex to all main shoot rules for every discipline and must be adhered to at all times at NEFTA events. These rules may be subject to change as required to comply with government guidelines Please note silhouette and pistol side competitions are suspended currently

1, Attendance, A competitor must not attend if

  • Lives in an area affected by travel restricted lock down

  • Feeling unwell or showing Covid symptoms

  • Has a family member who is unwell/showing Covid symptoms.

  • If you have been unwell you must stay away from all clubs for the recommended 14 days

  • Traveled from a country that requires you to isolate for 14 days

2, Every competitor is responsible for their own personal health and safety and must have with them at all events the following

  • Two Pens for personal use

  • Hand Sanitizer please use often

  • In the event of been required to marshal your own hi viz vest

  • Face Mask

3, Booking In and scoring and stats

  • Booking in to take place in the open a gazebo style tent may be used

  • All competitors booking in must queue observing social distancing guidelines (minimum of one meter between and use of a face covering)

  • when approaching booking in a face covering must be worn

  • Track and trace will be in operation you will be required to provide a contact telephone number

  • Please have the correct amount of £5.00 there will be no change given and place it in the box provided showing the person dealing with booking in that you have paid.

  • Maximum two People per lane.

  • You will be issued with a blank card which will display the lane number only (do not write your name on there) when arriving at your lane please write your partners name on the card as you will be scoring them and they will be scoring you. Please maintain distance when shooting and scoring on the lane with each other. No Handshaking

  • When finished take the card you have been scoring for your partner to the stats again ensuring that if there is a queue social distancing is observed hold up the card to stats so that the score can be recorded for your partner once this has been done please place it in the box provided

4, Course Layout, Grounds and general operation

  • Each club may have different methods of controlling flow around the ground and spacing on plinking ranges. These will be communicated prior to the shoot and will pinned up on a notice board at the ground. If unsure ask

  • Plinking ranges at each club will have a maximum capacity with spacing clearly laid out please queue observing social distancing until the next space is available. Please be courteous to other shooters and do not hog the range all morning.

  • Courses must have suitable spacing between lanes to accommodate the shooter and the scorer plus at the lane but also a large enough gap between lanes to allow for 1 queuing pair.. Do not move onto the lane in front until it is free or if there is space to allow a two meter gap between the two lanes.

5, Equipment and facilities

  • Shared equipment is not allowed

  • Kneeling rolls and mats supplied by NEFTA are not going to be used please bring your own or use your bean bag solely to keep you knee out of the mud the bean bag must not be used to allow support of the buttocks or sides of legs.

  • You may bring your own string pulling device however it is not essential if pulling strings by hand please use your glove hand.

  • If using the toilet please ensure you sanitize you hands before and after entering the convenience

  • If a food van is present at the shoot a face mask must be worn when queuing and ordering again when queuing observe social distancing