Covid Annex Rules

These rules are an annex to all main shoot rules for every discipline and must be adhered to at all times at NEFTA events. These rules may be subject to change as required to comply with government guidelines.

1, Attendance, A competitor must not attend if

  • Feeling unwell or showing Covid symptoms

  • Has a family member who is unwell/showing Covid symptoms.

  • If you have been unwell you must stay away from all clubs for the recommended 10 days

  • Travelled from a country that requires you to isolate for 10 days

2, Course Layout, Grounds and general operation

  • Each club may have different methods of controlling flow around the ground and spacing on plinking ranges. These will be communicated prior to the shoot and will pinned up on a notice board at the ground. If unsure ask

3, Equipment and facilities

  • If using the toilet please ensure you sanitize you hands before and after entering the convenience