Following the NEFTA committee meeting on the 18/10/2021, it has been decided that the grades will be alloted based on the last 2 winter leagues. The grades are now fixed for all the shooters who have shot more than 3 shoots over the last 2 seasons. The remaining shooters will be given a grade as and when they reach 3 shoots within this season, this will then be fixed. All your scores and percentages can be reviewed on the last tab in the FT Winter league Indiviual spreadsheet. After this season is completed, the 2018-2019 results will be removed and the grades alloted based on 2019-2020 and 2021-2022 seasons, ready for 2022-2023 season to start. Below are the parameters decided upon for grades.

C grade less than 61%

B grade less than 76%

A grade less than 85%

AA grade above 85%


Justin Wood Is 2021 NEFTA Classic Champion

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