The Region's Management Committee is made up of the following Honorary Officers:

Chairman: Ian Taylor (Emley)

Vice Chairman and Secretary: Trev Ryan (Emley moor)

Treasurer: Paul Lawrence (Anston)

Webmaster and Competition Secretary: Mark Lawrence (Emley moor)

Auditors: Ian Taylor, Mark Stenton

Competition Course Vetting: Dave Tomlinson, Trev Ryan

BFTA Reps: Trev Ryan

EFTA Rep: Ian Taylor

Anston FTC Voting Rep: Andy Calpin

Emley Moor FTC Voting Rep: Dave Tomlinson

Guisley FTC Voting Rep: Ian Thornton

Keighley Target Sports Voting Rep: Dave Jowett

Redfearn FTC Voting Rep: Roy Ironmonger

York FTC Voting Rep: Peter Shepherd

Womersley ARC Voting Rep: Darren Percival