NEFTA Hunter Rules

NEFTA Hunter Rules


Main Shoot Rules

Accessibility for all

HFT (Hunter Field Target) is a national sport, the concept of HFT is that it is more closely related to hunting than traditional field target competitions. HFT is generally a physically demanding sport & as such may present more barriers to the less physically able.

However at the very least, every target will be shootable from all 3 positions – prone, kneeling & standing with no forced prone shots. Wherever possible shooting pegs will be placed within reach of a suitable object such as a tree or stonewall etc which can be used as a rest for standing shots. Designated kneeling lanes will be marked as “Kneel or Stand” leaving the choice of position to the competitor.

Note: Shootable doesn’t necessarily mean that all the hit zones will be visible. Non positional shots should be shootable from prone position with special consideration given to junior shooters.

Kneeling / Standing Class

Competitors shooting this class must take every shot from either the kneeling or standing position. The same rules apply to this class of shooter on designated kneel or stand lanes i.e. lanes marked as designated standing lanes must be taken from the standing position.

Shooting Pegs

All pegs must be clearly marked 1-15 inclusive & likewise the corresponding targets should also be marked where possible.

Pegs should be secured in the ground & be clearly visible. Wooden pegs are preferred but if metal ones are used care should be taken to ensure there are no sharp edges. The area around the peg should be clear of all sharp objects such as broken glass, brambles etc. & any objects that would present a hazard.

Some part of the competitors body or rifle must be in contact with the peg whilst taking a shot but the competitor is allowed to rest the rifle on any natural object within reach of the peg so long as their trigger finger does not go forward of the shooting line. The only restriction on shooting position is that competitors may not shoot from the sitting position i.e. the classic FT sitting position is not allowed. Competitors may only use a bean bag when adopting a kneeling position. Classic three point FT style kneeling shots are allowed, sitting on a turned foot is not allowed.


All Targets Must Be Shot in Numerical Order

Competitors per lane & Marshalling System

There will be a maximum of 3 shooters per peg, with a shot gun start & buddy marshalling system. This would limit each session to a maximum of 45 competitors.

Juniors under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian over the age of 21.


All rifles must conform to current UK legislation, no FAC rifles permitted. Competitors rifles may be subject to random chronograph testing.


Target Checking

In the NEFTA Hunter series if you call a target which is deemed working properly you lose your score of 1 and take a 0



Silhouette Rules

The competitor MUST use the same gun / scope as they shot / plan to shoot the HFT course with. No altering the scope once the first shot has been taken.

Target Ranges - Chickens 20 yds, Pigs 30 yds, Turkeys 36 yds and Rams 45 yds.

All Shots to be taken STANDING.

Slings or other means of support [which are not part of the original rifle] are NOT allowed. The butt of the gun to remain outside all clothing at all times. FT/HFT butt hooks are permitted. Gloves of any type ARE allowed.

Only shoot at the targets in your allocated lane.

All targets are shot LEFT to RIGHT.

Any targets shot out of order do not count. i.e. if no.2 target is hit instead of no.1 then you lose no.1 as you missed it and you cannot shoot no.2 as it is already down, so you must go on to target no.3. If target no.1 is hit instead of no.2 then you just lose no.2.

In the event of two or more targets falling from 1 shot - tell your marshal and then on completing the rest of the bank either shoot at designated targets if sufficient remain standing or your marshal will reset the bank so that you can complete your five shots.

Pistol Rules

All shots are to be taken standing

The targets should be lollipop style, any shape silhouette is permitted but the faceplate must not exceed 5" by 3".

One or two hand extended arm grip must be used.

Open sights, pistol scopes or red dot sights are allowed.

All pistols must comply with the legal power limit in force at the time of the event.