NEFTA Winter League rules 2023/24

NEFTA Winter 

League Rules 2023/24 




1ST £30 2ND -£20 – 3RD £10 

(Prizes in all grades will be depending upon entry numbers). 

Please note when painting the main course for the second session you must also re-paint the pistol and silhouettes as well 


If two clubs are tied scores for 1 st place then the next score is 3rd place example Anston and Redfearns get 1st place 7points then Emley next gets 5 points and so on Please note if your rifle/pistol discharges air over the firing line this is classed as a shot

1. There will be three events, a 30 shot FT course, 

A 20 shot Silhouette range (20yd chickens , 30yd pigs, 36yd turkeys and 45yd rams) For full Silhouette rules see separate Pistol and silhouette page. 

A 10 shot Pistol range (6yds to 25yds) 

2. The entry fee will be £6.00 for all three events. The shooter can, if he or she so decides, shoot any or all of these events but the entry fee is set. Juniors (under 18 years) shall shoot for free. 

3. The scores from the FT event will be recorded for the individual Grand Prix in 10 classes, 'AA', 'A', 'B', 'C', Freestyle (Open), Recoiling, SFT & Visitor -JUNIOR 18 years and under and sticks class The Silhouette and Pistol Grand Prix are un-graded. Two scores will be dropped from the number of shoots scheduled. 

4. There will be 2x Kneeling shots, set to a combined total distance of no more than 70yds, 40mm kill zones and max 45yds. 

A competitor may take kneeling shots from a standing position if they are unable to kneel but must take ALL the kneeling shots standing. 

Please note that if you can't kneel for the kneeling shots you must stand, if you can't stand then you must take a zero for that lane, alternatively you can enter the Freestyle Class (see 12. below)

4x Standing shots set to a combined distance of no more than 60yds per lane, 40mm kill zones and max distance 40yds. 2x 25mm Kills (10-35yds) & 1 x 15mm kill [10yds-25yds] in each 30-target course. 

1 x 15mm target at 10yds-25yds, also no target to be placed closer than 10 yds. Targets used will be 1 x 15mm.[10-25yds] 2 x 25mm. [ 10-35yds] 27 x 40mm[10-55yds]. 

5. As of 2016 NEFTA will introduce the use of kneeling rolls only on kneeling lanes. NEFTA will provide 1 Kurt Thune tapered kneeling roll and 1 rubber matt on the kneeling lane for every shooter to use. Alternatively, if you prefer you can use your own kneeling roll as long as it’s a roll shape. The roll can be placed below the ankle to aid support, the rubber matt to keep the knee out of mud. Seat bean bags cannot be used in any shape or form on kneeling positions from this season onwards. If you feel the provided equipment will cause harm or personal injury do not use please refer to rule 4. The NEFTA Committee or hosting club cannot accept any liability for injury or damage with use of the provided equipment. 

6. Team scores for all three events (FT, Silhouette and Pistol) will be the top four scores recorded by each Club. 

7. Score cards - these must show the Name and Club of the shooter and must be signed by the shooter's partner, with his/her Name and Club, at the end of each discipline. SCORES FROM UN-SIGNED CARDS WILL NOT BE RECORDED. It is the shooter's responsibility to ensure that his/her card is handed in to the stats office at the end of the day's shooting. If a scorecard isn't returned the shooter will record a score of 1 

8. Buddy marshalling system will operate - you must complete each discipline with a member of another Club whenever possible. Shooters should be in pairs (except Juniors, see Basic Safety Rules) except in exceptional circumstances. Any shooter found to be causing undue hold-ups might be timed to 2 minutes per lane on F.T. and two and a half minutes per bank on Silhouettes. 

FIRING LINE CONDUCT Coaching or persistent barracking of a competitor in competition is not allowed. 

Only designated marshalls to cross the firing line wearing suitable ppe (high viz vest). At no time will a competitor cross the firing line and anyone who does will have their score cancelled. 

9. If a person changes Club mid-season, their scores may not count for their new Club unless the first Club folds or they have the consent of both Clubs to do so. 10. Grading will be taken from the National grading list that is current at the first shoot of the season and these grades will hold for the whole season’s competition. The Recoiling class is un-graded. Any shooter who doesn't have a national grade at the start of the season or who has a grade based on two results or less will be given a grade after three scores have been recorded. 

11. Recoiling class - definition of a recoiling rifle is: 'The rifle and stock must recoil as a whole when fired'. Please record the make/model of your rifle on your scorecard at the first event of the season which you take part in. This class will not be graded as per BFTA

national grades but your scores WILL count towards the overall placings in the Winter League, the inter-regional placings AND the team scores for your club. 12. Freestyle (Open) / Class –You may take all your shots from the sitting position this class will not be graded & your scores WILL NOT count towards the overall placings in the Winter League, the inter-regional placings or the team scores for your club. Trophies will be awarded for the Freestyle Class depending upon entry numbers. 

13. Sticks class. 

STICK SHOOTERS MUST NOT HANG THEIR RIFLE BY A SLING OR ANY OTHER METHOD TO THE SHOOTING STICKS WHILE WAITING TO TAKE THEIR SHOTS, THE RIFLE MUST BE PLACED WITH THE MUZZLE POINTING OVER THE FIRING LINE WHEN NOT IN USE. You must take all your shots using sticks/tripod from an upright standing position. If using a tripod or a stick to support the rifle, then you must load the rifle once on the support, making sure the muzzle is over the firing line at all times.The rifle must not be clamped in any way to the sticks/tripod only supported. This class will not be graded & your scores WILL NOT count towards the overall placings in the Winter League, the inter-regional placings or the team scores for your club. Trophies will be awarded for the stick Class depending upon entry numbers. 

14, Sporting Field Target Air Rifles of any calibre, which comply with the Statutory Regulations, may be used. 


Any form of sighting system may be used with the exception of Laser sights. No separate device designed specifically for range finding may be used. The power of any telescopic sight must be limited to 12 (twelve) times magnification, larger power sights may be turned down for the competition.The sight can be set for distance, magnification (up to 12 times) and elevation in each lane before looking through the sight at the first target. The sight settings from the first target may not be varied or adjusted before shooting at the second target in the same lane.If a Sporting Gun Competitor is partnered with a Field Target shooter the former must shoot first, this is to ensure no unfair advantage is gained. 


Any design of pellet that is completely made of lead or lead alloy may be used.METHOD OF SCORING Normal FT Scoring shall apply, 1 (one) point if the target falls and 0 (zero) for the faceplate. 

The above rules must be strictly adhered to 

.Trevor Ryan,BFTA Chairman, NEFTA Secretary

Silhouette and Pistol Rules 


1. Target Ranges - Chickens 20 yds, Pigs 30 yds, Turkeys 36 yds and Rams 45 yds. 2. All Shots to be taken STANDING. 

3. Slings or other means of support [which are not part of the original rifle] are NOT allowed. The butt of the gun to remain outside all clothing at all times. Butt hooks are permitted. Gloves of any type ARE allowed throughout the Winter League. 

4. Only shoot at the targets in your allocated lane. 

5. All targets are shot LEFT to RIGHT. 

6. Any targets shot out of order do not count. i.e. if no.2 target is hit instead of no.1 then you lose no.1 as you missed it and you cannot shoot no.2 as it is already down, so you must go on to target no.3. If target no.1 is hit instead of no.2 then you just lose no.2. 

7. In the event of two or more targets falling from 1 shot - tell your marshal and then on completing the rest of the bank either shoot at designated targets if sufficient remain standing or your marshal will reset the bank so that you can complete your five shots. 

Pistol Rules 

1. All pistols must always be carried in a case/cover. 

2. All shots are to be taken standing. 

3. The targets should be lollipop style, any shape silhouette is permitted but the faceplate must not exceed 5" by 3". 

4. One or two hand extended arm grip must be used. 

5. Open sights, pistol scopes or red dot sights are allowed. 

6. All pistols must comply with the legal power limit in force at the time of the event. 

7. Target range 6 to 25yds 

8. Pistol targets to be identified by a clearly visible number.